Retail Success Zone, Conquering the 144 Inches Square Frontier

by admin | Updated: Mar 28, 2024

by admin

Updated: Mar 28, 2024

Retail Success Zone

Most retailers create a space about 144 inches square on the front counter that serves as the contact point between the retailer and their customer. For any retailer, that 144 square inches is the most costly and important piece of real estate they will ever own. Everything you do or have done in your business comes down to that 144 square inches. It’s where you will succeed or fail.

Coffee, Chaos, and Clutter, The Price of a Disorganized Counter

I was in a store not long ago to buy a cup of coffee. The owner had placed so many displays of energy drinks, incense, pocketknives, and little saltshakers on the counter, I had no place to set my coffee while I reached for my wallet.
The clerk behind the counter tapped a few keys on a cash register and grunted something that sounded an awful lot like Charlie Brown’s teacher. I handed him a five-dollar bill. He dumped some bills and change in my hand without a word and went back to staring out the window.

Small Spaces, Big Impact

Needless to say, he wasn’t getting any return on the 144 square inches of real estate that separated us during that transaction. And I don’t think he will ever get this customer to return either. What a waste. Look at your most expensive real estate today; that 144 square inches where you and your employees interact with your customers and ask yourself some questions.

Maximizing Your 144 Inches Square : A Retailer's Checklist for Success

Retail Success Zone

Give yourself some honest, objective answers.

  • Is it clean and uncluttered?
  • Is it inviting?
  • Does it tell my customers that they are the most important part of my business?
  • Do they feel welcome and appreciated here?
  • How are they greeted?
  • Is the process quick and efficient?
  • Are they and their satisfaction the focus of the interaction?
  • Do we always thank them for their business?
  • Are they smiling as they leave?
  • How can I make my 144 square inches more appealing to me and my customers?


Treat that real estate investment with the priority it deserves. You will see it pay dividends every day as your business grows.